Origin of the project

Boreal Symphonies is a project that fuses arts and scientific outreach, based on the musical transcription of the annual growth of the trees that compose dozens of old-growth forests in Quebec. The project originates from Maxence Martin's doctoral thesis in ecology at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) about the diversity, dynamics, and conservation of old-growth boreal forests in Eastern Canada. This project was carried out by using his research data, but in parallel with this doctoral work, with the objective of scientific communication. The project's original goal was to lead the general public towards a better understanding and awareness on the subject of old-growth boreal forests. To do so, Maxence Martin surrounded himself with several students or former students of UQAC, in order to create a singular interdisciplinary work, associating science with multiple artistic fields. The members of the team are presented here.


L'Équipe de Symphonies boréales
L'Équipe de Symphonies boréales

If you have any questions about the Symphonies, you can contact us at: borealsymphonies@gmail.com.